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 Excellent pet care for when you are away (this includes free additional services such as watering plants, mail/paper pick up and other optional services).
 Home delivery of any pet supplies.
 Daily Pet Sitting and Dog Walking.

 Trips to the Park, Groomer, and Vet.
 Special Care for pets that need medication via pills, injection or subcutaneous infusion.

Pet Nanny on Hudson is a premium pet sitting/dog walking/home boarding service working out of Eastern Orange County, where we love and care for your pets as if they were our own.

Serving Eastern Orange County.

We offer pet care in Cornwall, Cornwall-On-Hudson, New Windsor, Vails Gate, Mountainville, Salisbury Mills, Woodbury, Highland Falls, Fort Montgomery, and Washingtonville (please contact us regarding your location).

Because of Pet Nanny On Hudson's profound belief that in order to truly provide quality pet care visits in your home it must be during a period of time which allows for plenty of interaction without rushing, we provide more quality time with your pets at a reduced rate than comparable pet care services. This allows for more positive interaction and playtime in addition to caring for your pet's basic needs while still being affordable.

As a result you'll find your pet is happier and less stressed for those times you are away and wish to schedule visits and/or outings for them.

Additionally, if your pet is in need of specialized health care, we can give medications, injections, and infusions.


Pet Nanny on Hudson is happy to care for all your pets whether you’re busy, visiting family or on vacation, in the fashion which you would care for your pet yourself. We also offer plenty of playful time and fun. Caring for all of your pet's needs.

Our service is happy to take your pets to the park, groomer, vet as well as arrange play dates.

We also pick up and deliver any pet supplies you might need.

While you're away we're also happy at look after your home, water your plants, bring in your mail/packages or any other special requests you may have.

Pet Nanny On Hudson is happy to provide all types of pets with individualized, patient and caring service whenever it should be needed.

Pet Nanny On Hudson Home Boarding Service

Bed & Barkfest Cats Pajamas Critter Comforts

We are very excited to now be able to offer home boarding services to Pet Nanny on Hudson clients. Pet Nanny On Hudson Bed and Barkfest (for dogs), The Cat’s Pajamas (for kitties) and Critter Comforts (for ferrets and other small pets), your pet is welcomed into a cozy cage-free environment.

Bed and Barkfest

Our home boarding offers a wonderful alternative to kennels and boarding facilities. Pet home boarding means your pet will be in a warm, loving home. We welcome your dogs, cats, ferrets and other small animals into our home, and care for them as if they were our own. We follow any feeding schedule/diet, and add lots of attention, fresh air and exercise.

We have found this care is particularly good for pets who suffer from separation anxiety, an illness or other special needs. Puppies also can benefit as we will continue your training schedule and keep them safe and socialized. Your senior pets may also benefit from our quiet comfy environment. Basically, any pet that you want to be a bit spoiled with extra love and attention while you are away is a great fit for our home boarding. :)

Caring for all of your pet's needs.

Questions about home boarding? Contact us.

Ask us about our pet daycare services too!

Also if you have any specific requests please feel free to contact us anytime.

Contact Pet Nanny On Hudson

Phone: 914 523-4111


Contact Us: Request Form

Contact Pet Nanny about your needs.

Contact Us

We offer custom services for your pet's needs. Please let us know what your specific needs are.

Thank You!

Thank you for your inquiry, we will respond as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Pet Nanny On Hudson Forms

Prior to your "meet and greet"
fill out the following forms and send us an electronic copy.

General Pet Visit Information

Information On Your Pet(s)

You can fill them out on your computer (Windows or MAC) and print them to a PDF.
Please read our instructions on how to fill out the forms and print to a PDF.
Filling out and Printing the forms to a PDF.


You can print blank forms and fill them out by hand, then scan them in and send us the scanned copy.

Remember to fill out a Pet information form for each pet in your household.

Please have a copy of your key ready for your “meet and greet” session. That way, if you decide to move forward, your key can be tested and labeled (with your pet’s name).

Thank you so much!

Pet Nanny On Hudson Tips & Tales

Cats seek shelter under and in cars as well as on warm wheels in the cold weather.

Knock on your hood. Open and close your car door and then honk on the horn to give the cats a chance to get safely away from your car before you start it or move forward.A few seconds can save a life! Thx so much!

What are safe temperatures inside for your pets?

Professionals in animal health care generally agree that if it would be too hot/uncomfortable for you it will be for your pet. When specific temperatures are given they average under 80 degrees. Please keep your pets safe and healthy & leave AC and/or fans on when you leave your home.

Summer hazards and your cat.

Pets don't just provide companionship & emotional support, studies show that pets make people healthier! :)

Adopt a new friend from a no kill rescue and save each other's lives. :)

27 Ways Pets Can Improve Your Health

What to do if your pet goes missing:

Be proactive! There are things you can do before your pet goes missing that will significantly increase the chance you will be reunited with your pet:

When your pet is lost, stay calm but do react quickly. Immediately see if you can find your pet. ***(More on techniques with regard to searching for cats, dogs and other pets coming next week). If you are not successful you want to contact local shelters, animal care and control, your local police department, etc.

Make flyers and posters to get out to people and to put up in the area where your pet is missing. The following links have good information for this:

Making Lost Pet Flyers
Making Lost Pet Posters

Post your pet as missing in the local missing pet groups on Facebook and Craigslist. Speak to your neighbors and people who spend time on foot around your area such as postmen, young people, dog walkers, etc. Recruit friends and family members (and other volunteers) to help you accomplish all of the above as fast as possible.

For More Info see these links:

Recovery tips for paniced pets.
What to do if your pet goes missing

Adult cats meow specifically to humans they don't use this form of communication with each other.

Behaviorist feel this remnant of kittenhood (when babies mewed to mom), has been adapted by cats over time to better interact with humans. Studies show that each cat has a unique meow, as unique as a vocal thumbprint and that people who live with cats are often very good at being able to ID their meows and interpret what each one means.

Here is a link to an informative article about cat communication:

Your cat is trying to talk to you

Despite gaining some understanding of cats we have continued to find them mysterious due to our misinterpretation/misunderstanding of what they are trying to tell us. A great place to start is with cat body language which can tell you a great deal! The words are in the eyes, ears, tail, and body posture. Especially when looking at these things together. Here are some great visual charts and cartoons to help understand kitty speak:

People who haven't had the chance to get to know dogs can be surprised/confused by a behavior or reaction. They hadn't anticipated that behavior, often because they didn't understand what their dog was saying. But understanding dogs means knowing that they are in fact extremely communicative beings. What they can't say in words they are saying with their bodies all the time. Here is some info to help you understand what your pup is telling you, other people and other dogs too. (This is some basic and useful info about what dog's body language means, but every signal may not apply to every dog - there can be some individual differences. Spend time studying your pup and see if the below info applies to him or her. And have fun!) :)

Understand your dog's body language

Dog Body Language Charts
Here is some great info on how to enjoy the summer season and keep your pets safe and well.

21 ways keep pets safe all summer

Have a safe and happy summer with your furry family members! :)

It gets too hot very quickly in your car, so never leave any pet in your car (this is also true in cold weather as the car gets very cold very fast).

Pet Nanny On Hudson Pics

Fishface is ready for some quality time :)

Roxy likes to go her own way

Handsome Flynt likes to dance and get pets :)

Chai contemplates Life and kibble.

Who said that cats and dogs don't get along? Reggie and Lexi disagree!

Handsome Lorenzo.

Lola enjoying some sun.

Sweet Snorkel doing tricks for treats.

Coconut loves to give kisses :P.

Puck sees fresh treats.

Rosie says there is nothing better than fresh cut grass :)

Curly Girl Gracie enjoying some warmth.

Curly Girl Emma having a stretch.

Happy Luna speaking. :)

Sweet George saying hello!

Pretty Gracie enjoying some sun.

Here's handsome Finn, who's had several health problems. I can give your kitties and puppies medication, insulin, subcutaneous fluids, and other special care involved with various health troubles. Also, I'm always happy to check in with you or your vet regarding your pet's health when you are away from home.

I write a note at the end of all my visits and am always happy to text or email photos and daily updates on how your sweetie is doing. Here's cute KC with a helping paw for a close up pic! :)

Knowledgeable in care of exotics like Ferrets. Here is Miss Benni during playtime posing for a quick picture! :)

Pet Nanny On Hudson Resources

Awesome Pet Products
Mountain Cat Trees For excellent quality all natural cat trees, scratchers, and shelves.

GoCat Quality interactive cat toys, featuring the "Cat Catcher Teaser Wand with Mouse".

Sojos Cat Nip Sojos Certified Organic Catnip.

Red dingo Red Dingo Pet ID tags.

Collars with Color Organic pet collars (breakaway buckles available for cats).

Sporn Sporn Pet Halter.
Puppy Training
PCOTC Puppy training classes.

Pets Alive West Low cost classes so everyone can have access to dog training.
Behavioral help
Thundershirt Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment.

Bach Rescue Remedy Bach Pet Natural Stress Relief.

Feliway Diffusers and Sprays to prevent unwanted cat behavior
Local No Kill Rescues The Cat Squad.

Forgotten Felines Forgotten Felines.

Cat Assistance Cat Assistance.

Pets Alive West Pets Alive West.
Help Our Fuzzy Friends in Need
Animal Rescue Site With one click you can help feed needy animals and link to many other one click causes as well!

Free Kibble Click on an answer, and every day you do, we'll provide 10 pieces of kibble to Animal Shelters to help feed their hungry dogs and cats.
Other Pet Resource Pages on the Web
Healthy Pet Lots of links, news, info, resources

Vet Medicine Very extensive data and links @
Financial Resources for Managing Veterinary Bills
In Memory Of Magic "Helping people help pets". To better the lives of sick, injured and abused companion animals.

United Animal Nations Red Rover. Bringing Animals from Crisis to Care.

NY S.A.V.E. To serve the pets of New York City residents living in Manhattan, Brooklyn the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island.

Coverage Area

Coverage Map

Pet Nanny On Hudson is available to attend to all your pet visit needs in Eastern Orange County: primarily in Cornwall, Cornwall-On-Hudson, New Windsor, Vails Gate, Mountainville, Salisbury Mills, Woodbury, Highland Falls, Fort Montgomery, and Washingtonville.

Pet Nanny on Hudson Memorial

In memory of those who have gone on, and for those who stayed behind to soften the hurt, and give their love.

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Coverage Map
Coverage Map (Blue)
 Excellent pet care for when you are away (this includes free additional services such as watering plants, mail/paper pick up and other optional services).
 Home delivery of any pet supplies.
 Daily Pet Sitting and Dog Walking.

 Trips to the Park, Groomer, and Vet.
 Special Care for pets that need medication via pills, injection or subcutaneous infusion.